Makoto Kan Martial Arts

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Our Program
Makoto Kan has developed a very unique training program for both adult and children. Our program is broken into several schemes to fit the needs of our students.
1) We offer a traditional martial arts training  program which provides instruction in Tatsumaki Ha Nagano Ryu Sogo Bujutsu. The Makoto Kan is the only official branch of the World Heihou Renmei in the United States sanctioned by the World Headquarters of the WHR to teach a branch of Nagano Ryu Heihou which is headed by Jamie Ellerbe Hanshi. This includes Historical Shinobi no jutsu, Gunpo, Jujutsu, Aikijujutsu, Koppojutsu and Bukijutsu. Those students interested in learning traditional bujutsu will benefit greatly from this program.
2) We also offer Goshinjutsu  (Self Defense classes).  This is a separate program but those interested in just learning self-defense are encouraged to come on out and try out our dynamic program.
3) Way of the Winds Program-. In honor of O Sensei Duncan, we also offer the way of the winds.  The Way of the Winds was founded by the late great O sensei Ronald Duncan Sr. (The founder of American Ninjutsu).  We are fully sanctioned by the Duncan family to teach this art.
4) Health and Fitness Program- We at the Makoto Kan M.A. school promote good health and fitness.  If you are looking for a fun supportive program to get in better shape or just to get a great workout then we are the program for you.  Khaleeq Shihan is a private fitness instructor and will structure a personal fitness plan to best fit your needs.